Theresa Dickson from Cross Rivers State was brought up in the northern piece of Nigeria. The on-screen character cum agent in this meeting with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM talks about her life and her enthusiasm for the business.

What motivated you into what you are


A ton has enlivened me to do what I’m doing. My significant motivation is the

change or effect I bring into somebody’s life. I’m cheerful when individuals are glad and see that I’m contributing emphatically

to their prosperity.

What have you accomplished so

far with your h u m a n I t a r I a n


I attempt to consistently visit the shelter or praise my birthday with them.

I offer a grant to three youngsters to balance their school expenses. Huge numbers of their folks are confronting difficulties, I just

attempt to help in any capacity I can.

What obstacles did you experience during this period?

I have a lot of difficulties to be completely forthright with you, regardless of whether many individuals think

I have everything in perfect order… however, I express gratitude toward God

for continually being there for me.

Difficulties an are inescapable. They are

what prop us up. On the off chance that I need to let you know

about the difficulties and how I

became who I am today, the paper won’t

contain it. So let everybody realize that I

experienced loads of difficulties.

W h a t ventures would you say you are in to now?

You will see the couple of ones I did as of late

at the point when they’re out in the market.

What makes you stand apart among

your companions?

I convey so much love and light, and that

makes me stick out. A few people get it and a few or most don’t get it.

Whatever the case might be, I absolutely get it. I am not in rivalry with nobody. I must be me and what I can do

in an unexpected way.

What might you say is the most

the intriguing thing with regards to your life?

Each snapshot of my life is fascinating.

Perhaps on the grounds that I don’t expect much from

individuals and I really value everything; each beneficial thing. Regardless of how little. I believe is intriguing and each second as well.

Exhortation to partners and up and coming actors counsel to everybody, what’s more, partners in the business is to be

delicate and understanding with themselves. They ought to figure out how to cherish themselves, follow your fantasies with reasonable objectives, and consistently have a side hustle. Don’t

rely upon one wellspring of pay since it might bomb you.

What is your take about the feared

COVID-19 that has kept on undermining the w o r l d ‘ s presence?

All things considered, I’d state express gratitude toward God I’m not in the

cutting edge of a pandemic since that isn’t a simple activity by any stretch of the imagination. Also, many regards to the front lines, may God Almighty proceed to secure and coordinate

them so they won’t get contaminated. This pandemic is genuine and individuals

shouldn’t mess with it. I ask God that we discover a fix soon so we won’t keep on having this strain consistently of

going out and meeting individuals. Our lives have changed and we as a whole look like Ninjas now. We have to ensure ourselves to

stay safe. God is our defender. I accept in the event that we comply with the COVID-19

rules and guidelines from NCDC and

government, we would be fine. The administration says no enormous social occasion

of in excess of 20 individuals, keep a separation of two meters among you and the following individual, Wear your facemasks, use hand sanitizers, eat well and remain fit, and so forth. How about we submit to the rules and we as a whole be protected.

Which motion pictures have you featured d in?

Living In B o n d a g e, Who Send Us Message, 6 Months M a d n e s, Turbulence, Love Is A Prank, Ode Iku, Jacob’s Mansion, The C h a m e l e o n ,

Fraternity, Bankole’s House

and so forth.

Is it accurate to say that you are hitched?

what are the characteristics you need

in a man?

He ought to be God dreading, trusting,

steadfast, getting, touchy, brilliant and so on

Where do you see yourself in five

a long’s time?

Gee… I see myself doing incredible, precisely

where God needs me to be. I additionally observe my

organizations prospering and my family and I healthy.

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