An account of how a woman lost her marriage is as of now drifting on the web because of terrible remarks via web-based networking media.

Twitter client, Gospel Josiah, as of late left numerous individuals dazed after he shared the narrative of a lady who lost her marriage over some Facebook remarks made on a ‘singles and wedded’ bunch on the stage.

The gathering had posted an inquiry posing to its individuals in the event that they’d undermine their life partners for a total of N10 million. The woman who had quite recently done her customary marriage and is fourteen days from her white wedding reacted.

She expressed that the sum was excessively and that she’d undermine her better half for the entirety far not as much as that. She composed that she’d cheat for N200k.

“She said that the amount was even too much that she can cheat on her husband if offered only 200K. Someone that knows her told her to delete that comment because her wedding is coming up and she is already married culturally.”

According to the story, two more people asked her to delete the comment but she lashed out at them and wrote: “Who has marriage epp? There is no GPS in my private part.”


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