Human Settlements, Water, and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said the momentum lockdown was a reproducing ground for enormous scope defilement.

On Tuesday while instructions individuals from the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) about her area of expertise’s Covid-19 reaction, Sisulu said there was dicey information on the sum her specialty had spent on water tanks for schools.

The pastor had before reported that R600 million would be spent to introduce water tanks in excess of 3,000 schools the nation over.

She uncovered her specialization is set up to represent each penny spends on water arrangement during the lockdown.

“I need to emphasise to members of the NCOP that we’ve been working with the Auditor-General’s office. This we have done to ensure that we are able to account for every penny that we have used and also because, as you know, the president has been very emphatic that it is at times like this that we are most likely to experience large-scale corruption,” Sisulu said.

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