SA sportscaster, Minnie Dlamini had twofold festival this week and she’s overly energized with the sentiments that accompany it.

On Tuesday, she made it realized that she’s 30 years of age; Today(Wednesday), the star praises her conventional wedding commemoration with her better half, Mr. Jones.

Minnie scooped excellent snaps of her birthday celebration on Instagram and they looked lovely.

The occasion had white and gold c themed and she had visited, yet visitors photographs were not uncovered.

“Today is our traditional wedding anniversary ❤️ Yesterday my husband suprized me with a zoom party for my almost 30th (29.5 😜)”

In the meantime, the TV character didn’t just get another whip from puma, But she received precious stones from her better half.

Minnie offered thanks to each and every individual who commended her.

“And I got diamonds 😜💎 Thank you to everyone that made my day special, from the messages, the flowers, the gifts everyone that thought of me yesterday I appreciate and LOVE you all soooo much!!! But my husband more 😜🤣❤️ Thank you Baby.”

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